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Great talent and products are made, not born

Collaborate with industry experts and earn badges that matter, while building products that actually fix the world's biggest bugs

What QraftAcademy Is For You

Qraft Academy is an education startup that provides participants with an opportunity for self-discovery, access to experiential learning opportunities, and meaningful work.
The objective is to expose participants to a diverse range of opportunities to build experience, clarity about their career goals, and achieve them.
This is done through hands-on training, mentorship, and apprenticeship programs. Upon graduation some are maintained, others connected to paid work opportunities.
Qraft Academy is an initiative from Qraft Mind, a modern work award winner.

Through our online qraft academy platform young people access;

  • Online remote apprenticeships to gain work experience and work based learning with tracked competencies. This comes with deliberate talent development and matching or access to opportunities like paid employment, freelance and scholarships.
  • Hybrid business design sprints for venture development to start or accelerate self employment/ entrepreneurship as a career
  • E-commerce to sell their products
  • MOOCs for personal , professional and business development
  • One on one career mentorship and guidance
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"To provide tailor- made career services to young people


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"A world where people express their personality through choosing and building great careers

Our Team

Having more experienced members and mentors that have devoted to the Vision

Andrew - Team Lead

Andrew Tugume

Product Manager - Team Lead

Recheal - Personal & Professional Development

Recheal Ainembabazi

Personal & Professional Development

Denny - Global Partner & Advisor

Denny Wong

Global Partner & Advisor

Susan - Finance

Susan Akantambira


Ronald - Management & Operations

Ronald Bataringaya

Management & Operations

Arnold - Talent Developer

Arnold Muwanguzi

Talent Developer - Visual Art

Bill - Talent developer

Bill Kabanga

Talent developer - Software Development

Mathew - Product Design

Mathew Murungi

Talent developer - Product Design

Edina - Talent developer

Edina Nakanjako

Talent developer - Software Development

Juliyana - Digital Marketing

Juliyana Woldeab

Digital Marketing

Peter - Digital Marketing

Peter Ojwang

Digital Marketing

Joshua - Graphics Designer

Joshua Makubuya

Graphics Designer

Ceaser - Graphic Designer

Ceaser Mwaka

Graphic Designer

Samuel - UX/UI

Samuel Mabonga

UX/UI Designer

Precious - Developer

Precious Kasasira

Software Developer

Phillip - Developer

Phillip Mambo

Software Developer

Stuart - Developer

Stuart Kalema

Software Developer

Joshua Kasasira - Developer

Joshua Kasasira

Software Developer

Anold - Developer

Anold Kalema

Software Developer